MARGARITA to Toast Clean Rivers

The key to a delicious margarita is the tequila. For me delicious includes more than flavor but what it leaves behind. As I write in my book, EAT LESS WATER, one liter bottle of tequila generates ten liters of vinazas, a liquid that holds high concentrations of chemicals from pesticides used in the agave, heavy metals, salt, and nitrogen. This byproduct of agave distillation, while illegal, is too often poured untreated into rivers in Mexico. 

The tequila you find in my glass is ALQUIMIA TEQUILA. Don Adolfo owner of Alquimia (and my eye 👁 doctor) has devised a system to turn vinazas into something that kills rivers to a compost that builds the soil beneath his agave plants. 

Another reason to support organic tequila making (there are many more) is the exposure to pesticides spans years. It takes about 8-10 YEARS to grow agave for tequila, meaning a decade of accumulating pesticide spraying on the agave plant. Don Adolfo jokes that it's the chemical residue in the tequila that gives those bad hangovers, not the tequila. I think there just may be some truth to his theory as I have yet to get a hangover and plan to keep it that way.


5 INGREDIENTS (that includes the ice and salt)

1. Lime. You will need 1 organic lime per margarita glass.
2. Sugar for simple syrup. Add 1 ounce per glass. I buy fair trade, organic sugar. The fair-trade certification ensures standards of care for people and the planet are taken in regions of the world that grow sugar cane.
3. 1 ounce of ORGANIC TEQUILA per glass. I like one ounce of blanco ALQUIMIA Tequila. Blanco is the lightest flavor of all tequila styles (and is clear like water) because it spends the least amount of time aging.
4. Ice. Lots of it in each glass.
5• Salt (optional) along the rim. I skip the salt with my margaritas. I find if the tequila is delicious and the lime fresh salt overpowers all the other flavors. Besides I have more than enough salt in my diet.


BOIL water for the simple syrup. Once boiling add the sugar and blend until the granules of sugar dissipate into the water making the syrup. Let cool. You can add mint or other herbs (be creative) when the syrup cools and strain before serving. This recipe can be used for all cocktails not only margaritas.

SQUEEZE one lime over ice inside a salted or unsalted glass. Add one ounce organic tequila, one ounce simple syrup and mix or shake if you want to get fancy.

And don't forget to toast to your organic tequila maker and the work they do to grow well-being in a village somewhere in Jalisco, Mexico.

Salud to you!