Water is LIFE. 

70% of the earth is water. 70% of the human body is water at birth. 70% of all freshwater is used to grow food.

Experts predict half of people living on this planet in 2030 will experience water scarcity, a situation expected to result in the deaths of millions and an unprecedented rise in military conflicts. Can we as individuals hope to have any effect on the global scale of water misuse?  

YES, we can make a significant difference―with our food choices the average person eats between 500-1300 gallons of water each day. 

Here is list of the water footprint* for some popular foods in gallons of water: 1 slice of bread = 11 1 apple = 33 1 plate of pasta, no sauce = 50 1 pound of corn = 146 1 pound of cheese = 414 1 quarter pound hamburger = 500 *Water footprint calculates the amount of water it takes to provide a good or service.

Start eating less water NOW at the kitchen table. 

If it's not good for the river it's not good for our bodies.

Farms near my home grow strawberries, cabbage and celery for export worldwide. Dumpsters overflow with plastic left behind after a strawberry harvest, runoff from fields pours into irrigation ditches spurring algae growth, polluting the river that leads to the ocean. Groundwater tables are dropping, and farmworkers dressed in white hazmat suits spray billows of chemicals settling on the food and soil.  

I knew there was a better way to grow food and care for freshwater supplies. I traveled over 16,000 miles to meet with farmers around the nation to learn how. Let me share what I learned with you.


“Eat Less Water is an informative, loving tribute to the source from which all life springs. ” -SIMRAN SETHI, AUTHOR OF BREAD, WINE, CHOCOLATE: THE SLOW LOSS OF FOODS WE LOVE 

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