Change how you eat and together we will change the world. 

I believe this to be true now more than ever despite the daunting news from around the globe. Just in the past twelve months, every major news outlet has published articles with headlines like; Last year the hottest on record, Scientists report sea-level rise to happen much sooner than originally projected, Fires are raging longer and hotter. The growing awareness of the state of the world has propelled people into action by marching, organizing, and demanding change in board rooms and government chambers.

But the converse has happened too with people opting out of the conversation because it all feels overwhelming. Add the current global pandemic and our stay-at-home orders and it feels like now is not the time to solve our global environmental problems.

But there is no better time than NOW.

When we EAT FOR CHANGE we improve the health of the air, soil, and water & we are rewarded with increased HEALTH and WELLBEING.

Eat Less Water Kitchen

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I traveled over 16,000 miles to meet with organic regenerative farmers around the nation to learn how to EAT FOR CHANGE. What I learned is culminated in my award-winning book EAT LESS WATER.

The solution to our most daunting environmental problems doesn't require we march or protest but rather change how we eat.

In addition to reading or listening to the book, you have other opportunities to learn how SIMPLE it is to make changes that are healthier for YOU, the PLANET & will SAVE $$: