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Florencia Ramirez, author of the award-winning book, EAT LESS WATER, will teach simple recipes for all-ages that are healthy for you and the planet.

The FREE cooking classes are perfect for:

  • Distance Learners/ Home Schoolers: pair the cooking class, with the Eat Less Water book, and free curriculum. Great for teachers of diverse disciplines and parents looking for meaningful and fun content for your children learning from home.
  • Book Clubs: Choose EAT LESS WATER as your next book club read. Your book club meeting can end or begin with cooking LIVE with Florencia, where you and your members can ask questions, and experience the book.
  • Environmental Activists: The most effective place we as individuals can save water and tackle climate change is in our kitchen. Learn how simple it is to be an agent-for-change in your kitchen.
  • Home Cooks at all cooking levels: Take your knowledge for food beyond learning new recipes. These cooking classes are designed to get you thinking differently about the role of ingredients as powerful drivers of change in our own personal health and the health of our global community and planet.

The class will begin with a short discussion of how our food choices can be a powerful, simple, and delicious vehicle for positive change. She will then lead you through a step-by-step instruction using ingredients supporting regenerative agriculture.

The class will be LIVE, so you can ask questions as you go.

Whether you’re a master in the kitchen or ready to learn the basics, the class will change the way you look at food.

Everyone is invited to live stream their experience in the kitchen. There is healing, connection, and fun when people gather to cook. So let's get cooking.

Want to go deeper? Each week coordinates with a chapter in the book EAT LESS WATER. Trans-disciplinary curriculum ideas are available for each chapter designed for homeschoolers and distant learning. Also great for book clubs.


Gather your ingredients, mixing bowls, pans, measuring spoons, etc before the class time so you are ready to cook along. These classes are designed to be participatory. In addition to the list of ingredients in the recipe, you will find links to particular brands. In some cases, we provide two choices: BETTER (blue font), and BEST (green font).

The BETTER designation refers to brands reflecting food grown without chemicals (organic, non-GMO designation).

The BEST foods are Organic and non-GMO too but they go way beyond organic like the farms you read about in EAT LESS WATER. These farms and food producers practice regenerative farming techniques, are minimizing waste, are using renewable energy, and they care for workers.

First shop your pantry. When you run out of the food you currently have, swap out for BETTER OR BEST alternatives.

The point is not perfection but to do more than what you are doing now. Change begins one ingredient at a time.

May 7- 1:00 PDT

Flour Tortillas: Wheat and Water


*1 slice of bread = 11 gallons of water

1 pound of oasta = 230 gallons of water

Recently, I have found more organic flour tortilla choices at the grocery store. Costco sells an organic brand of flour tortillas where the tortillas are partially cooked giving it the flavor of homemade tortillas which is a BETTER choice than the conventional tortilla brands often made with palm oil. But homemade with organic ingredients is still BEST. When we make food from scratch we reduce packaging waste, skip the preservatives, and control the source of our ingredients.

Join me for the cooking class with the following ingredients:


You will need the following supplies: rolling pin (if you don't have one you can use your hands), measuring cup for both dry and wet ingredients, measuring spoons, medium-size mixing bowl, comal (or large pan to heat the tortillas).

Click here for curriculum ideas

April 23- 1:00 PDT

Mexican Rice: Rice and Water

Globally 10 million small family farms grow rice with 40 percent less water than the average flooded rice field and reduce carbon from the atmosphere. This army of global farmers are practicing what's called System of Rice Intensification (SRI). The rice I encourage you to purchase for this simple, tasty recipe is rice cultivated on SRI farms around the world.

Join me for the cooking class with the following ingredients:

*This is a link for a 25 lb bag. Buying bulk, if you can, saves $, and reduces packaging in the long run. The smaller bags are available at many grocery stores.

You will need the following supplies: measuring cup for wet ingredients, measuring cup for dry ingredients, measuring spoons, small or medium size pan.

May 14- 1:00 PDT

Veggie Pizza: Produce and Water

More information coming soon.

June 4- 1:00 PDT

"Green" Eggs Quiche: Eggs and Water

*1 egg = 23 gallons of water

More information about this class coming soon.

* This total refers to the virtual water footprint. Water footprint is the average amount of fresh water needed to produce a good or product.

About Florencia

Florencia is an award-winning author of the book EAT LESS WATER: THE SOLUTION TO WATER SHORTAGES IS IN THE KITCHEN. She has been interviewed by NPR, American Public Media, KCRW’s Good Food, New York and Bay Area Pacifica Radio, Entertainment Weekly, CBS, and KTLA Morning News and several popular podcasts. Her cooking classes, demonstrations, and keynotes inspire audiences of all ages and cooking abilities to become water and climate activists with every meal. "The most effective place to save water and reduce our carbon footprint is in the kitchen," she tells groups around the country."