Breakfast is the best time to jump-start your day into health for you and the planet. I find when I start my day eating well, the rest of my meals follow. This recipe is so simple. I store the nuts, flax, and coconut in mason jars on shelves for easy access. The nuts and coconut make easy, healthy, and fast snacks on their own. To make it sweeter, drizzle some of your favorite local honey (find at your local farmer's market).



• 6 ounces yogurt, use plant-based yogurt like from Forager Cashew. For yogurt made from cow's milk I look for yogurt from small dairy farms like Straus, Organic Valley (a cooperative of small organic dairy farmers), or find at your local farmers' market). The key is ORGANIC, SMALL FARM, ROTATED PASTURES
• 1 handful of berries, if there is only ONE fruit or vegetable you buy organic, berries are it. Berries have made the top of the DIRTY DOZEN ("dirty" defined as pesticide residue) for the sixth year in a row by the Environmental Working Group.
• 1 tablespoon of organic flax, an easy way to get your omega 3's and fiber
chopped walnuts (as much as you love), I find dry-farmed organic walnuts (means they only use rain and moisture to grow the trees) from my farmers market
Unsweeted organic coconut, shredded or in larger flakes. The key is unsweetened for the phenomenal health benefits.


Add the yogurt, berries, flax, walnuts, and sprinkle with coconut. Add honey for more sweetness if using plain yogurt.